Helping End homelessness

Calgary Street Outreach

Our mission is to provide relief to those experiencing homelessness by offering tangible essentials including, food, water, hygiene, clothing, harm reduction supplies, resource guides, and program referrals to access housing, detox, shelters, and all other essential needs to ultimately end the cycle of homelessness.

This is a grassroots initiative which started in the summer of 2015 in Calgary, Alberta that grew into a non profit organization in May 2018. This movement is all about inspiring people to be the change in Calgary. Our group is all about loving acts of kindness to help people experiencing homelessness and better our communities.

Outreach Phone

Although our street level outreach team is currently only on foot Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings 5:00 – 9:00 pm, our Outreach phone is always on. Call or text us to connect or request resources:

Our 2021 report to community is out!

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Street Outreach during Covid19 Pandemic