Tanya Clark – Treasury & Secretary

Tanya Clark is our treasurer and secretary with a 20-year background in project management, she considers herself to be someone who can solve problems by looking at them from many different angles.

Tanya was introduced to BeTheChange while looking for organizations to work with to distribute sanitizing supplies that were urgently needed by frontline workers and people experiencing homelessness during covid.

After learning about BeTheChangeYYC’s mission, realizing how much their services were needed by the vulnerable population in Calgary and how they were genuinely impacting people who were experiencing homelessness, she began to brainstorm ways she could help.

“At BeTheChangeYYC we are so blessed to have a team of compassionate, experienced, passionate individuals who are truly making a difference in our community. I look forward to growing awareness and expanding the organization’s capabilities to end homelessness,”

Tanya Clark

Getting to know and connect with BeTheChangeYYC’s team has inspired her to raise awareness, challenge people’s ideas around homelessness and support the amazing people who make up BeTheChangeYYC.

Her goal at BeTheChangeYYC is to be a facilitator and cheerleader for the organization and its mission.